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Empowering artists and galleries to elevate their online art business trough premium websites, that showcase artwork in its best light and boost sales to higher levels.

Do these challenges feel familiar as you try to grow your online business?



Your artwork doesn't sell

Do you worry about not being able to sustain a stable income from your artwork sales, leading to financial instability ? You struggle to generate a consistent and sufficient income from your artwork alone?



Nobody really knows you?

You don't yet have an established name or network of connections and are struggling to gain recognition and attention in the art world? Are you relatively unknown and afraid that building a good reputation will take too much time and effort?



you don't get accepted

Do you fear not gaining recognition or acknowledgment within the art community or society as a whole? As a gallery owner, do you worry about not getting accepted from prominent art fairs ? As an artist you fear getting rejected from galleries.



Your current site is outdated

Your website's design is unappealing and outdated, creating negative first impressions? It looks like early websites, bores visitors and fails to captivate their interest? The limited functionality and lack of modern features, such as mobile responsiveness, hinder your ability to showcase your work effectively?


Your page is unattractive?

You take so much time and effort to create your artwork, but your current portfolio page looks unattractive and does not represent your competence?

It does not have to be like this.
Get Your High Performing Website Through Expert Guidance
years of

With more than a decade of experience, I possess a deep understanding of visual design principles, responsive layouts, and the technical and aesthetic aspects of building and maintaining websites.

weeks for your
finished website

My efficient design process allows me to create a professional and visually appealing website in a short timeframe. By dedicating focused time to your project, I ensure that every aspect of the website is carefully planned and executed.

satisfied and
happy clients

My primary goal is to ensure the satisfaction of my clients. By actively listening to their needs and understanding their goals, I am able to create websites that not only meet their expectations but exceed them.

Increase online sales by up to 50% with a website tailored for the art community. Showcase and sell art worldwide.

Unlike others, I specialize in building websites for the art industry. Whether you're just starting out or already established, I have the tools to help you grow your online art business. Flourish in a digital space that reflects your artistic vision.

Design is a solution

Charlène Mamba – Web design expert

Discover how a tailored website for the art world can skyrocket your sales. Watch the video and learn how i empower you to generate maximum revenue.

discover the 5-Step Roadmap To grow your art business like never before.



free Strategy Consultation

I believe in the power of collaboration, which is why my Free Strategy Call is designed to foster open communication. I'll listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and provide insights to help you make informed decisions about your project.



non-binding offer

My Non-Binding Offer is a personalized proposal crafted to meet your project requirements. It outlines the scope of work, timelines, and estimated costs, giving you a clear understanding of what to expect.



Design and Development

I prioritize user experience, ensuring that your website not only looks great but also functions seamlessly on various devices and browsers. This phase combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver a website that engages and converts visitors.



Launch and Delivery

Launch day is an exciting milestone, and we handle all technical aspects to ensure a seamless release. We monitor the launch closely, making adjustments as needed to guarantee a successful transition.



Post-Launch Support

Post-launch, I provide you with all the necessary resources and training to manage and update your website effectively. My commitment to your success extends beyond delivery, and I am here to support you as your online presence grows.

Modernizing and improving the SETAREHs art gallery website for better performance and sale conversion

Setareh Gallery

Creation of a dynamic website to present colorful works of berlin artist Maike illies

Maike Illies

Beautifull Exhibition space

All websites are timeless yet modern, and my designs are accompanied by sensational animations. I make sure they fit perfectly with the style of the gallery or artist.

Responsive Webdesign

More than half of internet users use their cell phones when they are online. That's why search engines like Google prioritize mobile-friendly websites. My websites are fully responsive and work on all devices. They are quick and efficient.

Viewing rooms | privat views

I create a professional online space where artists, works, and exhibitions can be showcased. Through the viewing rooms, potential collectors and buyers can make requests for works. Private views can be password protected for selected collectors.

e-Commerce | Online store

Sell and present your work online. Through shopping cart-like inquire buttons, online purchases can be made in a very rapid manner. Integrated payment options make selling easy and secure. Tickets to exhibitions and events can also be purchased online.

Happy Clients Testimonials
josé londji

poet, germany

I've been working with Charlène from Mambasfineart for years. She made two websites for my artistic existence...and I was thrilled. In addition, she is very friendly and is very good at creating what you have in mind. Simply top!

Maike illies

Artist, Germany

A clear recommendation for working with Mambasfineart. The managing director Charlene Mamba was professional, creative, friendly and empathetic when creating my artist website. Definitely recommended!

Beatrice Biuma

gallery owner, d.R. congo

As a gallery owner, I've had the privilege of collaborating with Charlene Mamba. She understands the unique needs of both artists and galleries, and the results have been outstanding. She is definitely a professional partner.

you have no risk! I promise Money-Back Guarantee

If, within one month of project commencement, I fail to meet the described standard, you will receive a refund, and I will promptly return your money.

Schedule a free call

Do you work internationally?

(leer)Yes, I do! I work with clients from all over the world. There's no geographic limit. I communicate in four languages: English, German, French, and Lingala.

how long do you take for a project?

(leer)Most projects take between 2-12 weeks. I complete all projects in the shortest possible time so that you can enjoy the result as quickly as possible.

Do you work with Webflow?

(leerYes I work exclusively with Webflow. It is an effective way to fulfill my clients' design needs. With Webflow there are no limits to creativity.

What are your Payment Terms?

(leer)To ensure the time frame in my calendar, I book projects in advance and require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The remaining amount is due upon completion and before delivery of the project.